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Privacy Policy

Please read the following privacy policy

Website Visitors:

When you visit our website this information is kept and stored via the Google Analytics. This data is anonymous including an anonymous IP address. Google Analytics is used to collect information such as what pages a visitor looked at, how long they stayed on the site etc. We have no way of linking this date to you as an individual. We also occasionally use software called Hotjar. This is a piece of software that shows how the visitors uses the site, we use this to make the site a better user experience for you. We also use this software to collect information about our service via onscreen questions. All the information you submit is antonymous.

Email Subscribers:

If you submit your email to the Tantric Oasis email newsletter then you are agreeing to receiving our occasional promotional email newsletters. We only ask for an email address and not other information is stored about you. You can remove your email address from our email database by clicking the unsubscribe button at the footer of the email.

Social Media Followers:

If you follow our Twitter, Facebook or other social media profiles then your information has nothing to do with us. These platforms are outside of our influence, so please contact them regarding any privacy issues you may have.

People whom book an appointment:

Please note when you phone us to arrange an appointment that we delete this number within 24 hours. We hold no other information about you.

People who submit feedback for therapists:

When you submit feedback for one of the therapist via their profile page we ask for an email address. This email address is not kept on file and is deleted within 7 days of us receiving this email.

Further information:

If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy please email us at info @ tantricoasis. com

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at anytime without any warning.